Muhly grass

When you’re thinking about beautifying your lawn or any boring space in your property, muhly grass is one of the best things that you can add. Muhly grass, known scientifically as Muhlenbergia capillaries, is a type of ornamental grass that grows natively in various areas in North America. It’s one of the top choices for landscaping jobs because it produces beautiful pink blooms, which are billowing and delicate, and adds a dramatic look in your property.

Pinky muhly grass is the most common type of this ornamental grass, and the redish, pinkish tinge that it adds to a seemingly endless property is very colorful addition and is very warm to the eyes. This article will walk you through caring for muhly grass so that it looks better in your property and it would last longer than it normally would.

Picture of Muhly grass

Muhly grass care: Culturing muhly grass

One thing that you should remember about muhly grass is that it is a sun-lover. Make sure that you plant it in areas where it will be able to get at least six to eight hours of sunlight. This plant can also tolerate partial shade conditions, so there’s really no problem planting it near trees or other shaded areas. In terms of soil quality and condition, it’s best to put thegrass in fertile, organic soil. If ever you’re planting on clay soil or in sandy, or other poor conditions for your soil, you can add a healthy dose of organic matter for the muhly grass to grow better. You can also check for the pH level of the soil and make sure that it is between the ranges of 5.5 to 6.8. You don’t have to worry about diseases and pests because this type of grass is quite resistant against those problems.

Planting Muhly grass

While some people prefer planting muhly grass seeds, others choose to plant full grown muhly grass straight from ornamental plant dealers. You can start by digging a hole about ten inches deep, and make sure that the hole is twice as wide as the root of thegrass. Remove all the debris on the soil that could impede the plant’s growth. Mix a slow release fertilizer to the soil, and place the grass in the hole. When you’ve filled the hole with dirt, put a light amount off fertilizer on it and water thoroughly to make sure that the roots absorb the fertilizer.

Picture of Muhly grass

Pruning muhly grass

When it comes to maintenance pruning, make sure to cut the grass within twelve inches from the ground around the winter months before its new growth. Make sure that you clean all the dirt that could impede growth, as well as thoroughly remove dead foliage from the ornamental plant. After pruning, add a small amount of fertilizer to the soil of the muhly grass.